Digital marketing topics that our previous training participants were interested in the most are:

⦁ Digital marketing strategy creation
⦁ Creation of content for social networks
⦁ Setting of target group and targeting on social networks
⦁ Creating of the social media calendar
⦁ Opening and set-up of the Facebook page
⦁ Content creation for the Facebook page
⦁ Facebook Ads Manager – detailed analysis of the tool for paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram
⦁ Targeting of the target group on Facebook
⦁ Facebook analytics – analysis of the marketing campaign on Facebook
⦁ Opening and set-up of the Instagram page
⦁ Content creation for the Instagram page
⦁ Creation of the Instagram ads
⦁ Increasing of the number of followers. Influencers and bloggers.
⦁ Opening and set-up of the LinkedIn page
⦁ Content creation for the LinkedIn page
⦁ Increase of the visibility of the posted content on LinkedIn and increse of the number of followers
⦁ Introduction to the Google AdWords platform for the internet advertising
⦁ Setting the goal of the campaign, choosing the type of campaign and ad format
⦁ Set-up of the Search campaign
⦁ Set-up of the Display campaign
⦁ Set-up of the Video campaign (YouTube campaign)
⦁ Analysis of results and optimization of campaigns

What do you obtain through such a training?

Ability to digitally present and conduct campaigns on social networks or through Google Ads campaign

Mutual, practical work on concrete examples

Support through provision of answers to the questions asked after the training is finalized

Complete material from the training

Topics of training and duration of training depend on the client`s requests.
Also, we adjust our training sessions to level of the trainee`s knowledge by organizing training sessions for beginner or advanced level of knowledge on digital marketing.
Group training sessions are organized for groups of up to 20 people. Individual training sessions are organized on basis of the client`s request.

TRAINER – Dr Ana Knezvic

Ana Knezevic obtained her doctoral degree at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, in the area of data analysis. Digital marketing is a profession that connects two of Ana`s big passions – analytics and creativity. She has been into this profession for six years now and has successfully finalized marketing campaigns for more than 30 clients from different industries.
She possesses a certificate of the Digital Marketing Institute from Dublin (Ireland). She also possesses Google Ads certificates.
She owns a digital marketing agency `Story Factory`.