Paid advertising can bring excellent results for a small amount of invested funds. On the other hand, advertising can also be expensive and inefficient.

Everything depends on:

  • the level of familiarity with the advertising tools,
  • the quality of the ads,
  • how precisely the target group is defined.

  • We perform a detailed analysis and definition of your target group
  • We choose the most optimal medium depending on the target group and message you wish to transfer (Google browser, sites visited by your target group, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • We set clear and measurable goals:
  • ⦁ Increase in the number of potential buyers or users (leads),
  • ⦁ Sales increase,
  • ⦁ povećanje broja poruka od strane potencijalnih kupaca ili korisnika,
  • ⦁ Increase in the number of messages from potential buyers or users
  • ⦁ Promotion of particular content
  • We choose the best type of campaign depending on the goal you want to achieve
  • We use Facebook and Google machine learning so that your ad can reach a bigger number of people similar to your existing or potential buyers.
  • ⦁ Due to enormous quantity of information that Facebook and Google have about us, nowadays this is the best manner of targeting, but it requires excellent familiarity with advertising tools.
  • We optimize campaigns – constantly follow the results of campaigns and optimize campaigns so that the results become even better.

We use advertising on Facebook and Instagram to be able to present your ads to the people from your target group. The ads can be in the form of photo, video or story.

Facebook has the possibility to target your target group on basis of location and demographic characteristics, interests, e-mail addresses and phone numbers or on basis of similarity with your existing or potential buyers.

Also, we can target people who have already visited your site and who have already been interested in your offer.

You should choose Facebook and Instagram advertising if you want to achieve:

⦁ A greater number of conversions (purchasing of product, prepayments for services, populated contact forms and similar)
⦁ An increase in the number of visits to the site
⦁ A better recognizability of your brand
⦁ Better reactions of the audience to the posted content
⦁ A bigger number of views of your video recordings
⦁ Veći broj instalacija aplikacije
LinkedIn represents the world`s biggest business oriented social network and one of the most efficient platforms for acquiring B2B contacts.

This network offers fantastic options for targeting:

⦁ Targeting on basis of the name of company, industry, position in the company, area of studies, name of the degree, professional skills, membership in groups etc.
⦁ Targeting of the site visitors
⦁ Targeting through the lists containing the names of companies or contact information of your target group.

There are several types of ads on LinkedIn that we can create for you:

⦁ Promoted content – We can promote the content posted on your page and increase the recognizibility of your brand and establish a greater number of contacts with people that can be valuable for your business.
⦁ Promoted InMail – We can send a personalized message to precisely targeted audience through the LinkedIn Messenger. These messages are sent only when your targeted audience is active which contributes to the company`s efficiency.
⦁ Textual ads – By using textual ads we can transfer your message to a targeted group of professionals important for your business and in that manner achieve the desired goal (e.g. an increased number of visits to your site).
AdWords is a tool for advertising which has the possibility to present the ads to the right people, in the right place, at the right time by using key words, location, demographic characteristics and other numerous options.

The main advantage of Google advertising is that it charges advertising per click (only when somebody visits your site), and not per ad impression.

Also, AdWords shows how many people see your ads, the percentage of them who click the link to visit your site, even how many times they click to call you. With the help of these tools for tracking you can even see the real sales your site generates as a direct result of your ads.

AdWords provides an option to choose the ad format which suits you best – a textual ad, a textual ad with add-ons (e.g. phone number), an ad with picture, a video ad, etc.

To achieve your goal (better recognizability of your brand, increased number of visits to the site, better online sale, etc.) it is important to choose an adequate type of campaign.

The most commonly used types of Google campaigns are:

⦁ Search Network campaign – This type of campaign shows the ad right below the typed text in the Google browser, so call `ad on the first page of Google search results`.

⦁ Display Network campaign – This type of campaign includes presentation of ads on web pages and mobile apps that have the content that is related to your products, services or interests of your buyers. These are usually banners that are linked to your website or specific page of the site.

⦁ Video campaign – This type of campaign makes it possible for your ads to appear on YouTube or other places of the Google Display network. Ads supported by this type of campaign are TrueView in-stream ads, TrueView video discovery ads and Bumper ads.